When DC first announced back in 2012 that one of their characters was to be gay I was very curious as to whom they would pick. The announcement then came that it was to be Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, who first debut in 1940, that would be reintroduced as the first gay lead superhero. Now Scott never wore the tight green and black body suit and he had been married twice with children, so I have been wondering why DC decided on this specific Green Lantern to become gay?

Perhaps it was Scott’s kind nature, his open and honest demeanour and his strong leadership skills? Or was it more his innate goodness and charisma? Who knows what it was that convinced DC that their original Green Lantern was the best choice, whatever the reason it was an inspiring decision to make one of their lead superheroes homosexual.

There are people out there that were outraged, and probably still are; by the introduction of a lead gay character but to them I say tough luck. It’s about time diversity had centre stage in something as influential as comic books, everywhere there are girls and boys who are struggling because of their sexuality, but with the new Green Lantern out there they might just be feeling a little better about themselves. Because if a strong, charismatic leader of good could be a Guardian of the Earth then why can’t they?

Even with a supportive group of friends and family some teenagers still find it difficult to admit to themselves that they might be different. High school can be a time of discovery but it can also be a time of pain and ridicule. While these days are far behind me I still feel a prang of regret that I was never fully comfortable with myself, I felt like that I had something to hide. It’s not till much later that I became aware that I was not as straight as I first thought. I found it hard to admit that I was attracted to both men and women, though I have only dated men. I felt stunted by the fact that I believed that what I felt for girls was not me, “I’m not gay” I use to tell myself denying all feelings and pushing them aside.

Although this was only a little over a decade ago so much has changed and the attitudes toward those of us who are different is getting better with each passing day. I have found my soul mate now and he is wonderful and makes me feel safe. It is with him that I have finally felt comfortable enough to say, I like girls as well as guys and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Fear is a powerful thing, it can change the way we feel about ourselves and stop us from becoming who we are, I regret not being able to express myself more when I was young. Had I been able to set aside the fear I might have been able to ask a girl out.

It is with this new Green Lantern that I hope those who were like me, too afraid to see the truth, open their eyes to the fact that what you are is wonderful no matter whom you like or love. Just like the Green Lantern you can fight the evil that is in our world, all the nay-sayers and bigots pushing those who would be different down, telling them that what they feel is wrong and they should be ashamed. To those people I say:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!