Not a sound could be heard from the foreign lines not a murmur, not a whisper, not even a pin dropping it was as if there was radio silence. Were they gone, dead or maybe just trying to see what she would do next? Whatever was happening she decided to chance a look over the trenches. Whatever was going on she had to find out and find out soon before things got worse.

There had been a cavalcade of bombs hitting her for God knows how long but with this abrupt cease fire it was eerie how use to the sounds she was. The absence of noise can be far worse than any deafening roar, the fear and anxiety the silence can bring is one that she would not wish upon anybody.

She stuck her head above the trench line peering out into the wasteland that had been created by war. Through the fog she couldn’t see much but there was something different about the nothing she was seeing now to the nothing she usually saw. It was almost like there was no one there at all and not just the usual absence of soldiers on the battlefield that were lurking in their trenches only a few feet away, no this was as if they had disappeared completely the silence told her that. They were gone, vanished as if into thin air one moment there was nothing but screaming the next …silence.

Climbing up and over the rim of the trench she set out for the foreign lines, through mud and blood with the cold biting at every exposed piece of flesh on her face.  Reaching her destination she found it exactly how she had expected it to be empty but not a single thing missing or out of place, just devoid of people. Making a quick survey of the area to validate her theory she slowly descended feet first into enemy territory keeping her back to the wall so to avoid losing sight of her surroundings, you can never be too careful she thought.

Once in there she looked around, making her way through all the tunnels and interconnecting rooms but there was no sign of anyone. She was beginning to think her theory was correct, the abrupt disappearance the radio silence it was all making sense. The war was over. Did we lose? She thought it would feel different than this when it was all over. Instead she felt empty like this trench, nothing missing or out of place but something was gone. She sat at the foot of the wall she had climbed down tilting her head back as she looked up, the fog had cleared to reveal a bright blue sky. She smiled a sad sort of smile, breathing in the musty smell of war she let out a laugh loud and completely foreign to her own ears.

She had stayed like that for what seemed like hours but really had been mere moments, looking back down to the ground something caught her eye. Glimmering in the now shining sun she stood up to get a better look, it was tucked into the wall of the trench, for safety she presumed, and as the light caught it she could see what it was. A silver locket, prying the locket from the slot in the wall it opened and inside was a face she hadn’t seen in a considerable amount of time, her own.

For the first time she questioned what she had been fighting for. A sudden jerk and a sickening guttural sound filled the silence, she woke with a start. Her body had been slumped over the desk; the sound that was there a moment ago was gone. She looked around the room wildly, nothing missing nothing out of place it was exactly how she had last seen it but there was still something gone. She got up from her seat and went to the night-stand; the locket was laying there gleaming in the first rays of the morning sun. Opening it she looked down at the picture of herself, they had lost and all she had left was the locket she had given to the girl she loved. Gone, nothing was missing everything was in its place but it would never be the same again.

She was dead. Cancer had won.