What can one say about ones self without sounding like a complete twat…well not calling yourself ‘one’ might be a start and I guess you can say that’s where I start.

I’m one of about 7 billion people who resides on the planet Earth, a planet comprised mostly of water with 7 continental land plates. I am on the one called Australia. You may have heard of it? Full of dangerous flora and fauna? It also has anĀ average temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius, for the Americans that is what we like to call Hot with a capital H for Hell.

In this large, expansive, mostly desert country I live on the east coast in the state of Queensland (QLD) where it’s average humidity it about 80%, mixed with the heat I live in a constant state of moisture. QLD does boast some of the most beautiful rainforests and beaches in the country so I guess that makes up for it…sort of.

I live in the capital of QLD, Brisbane. We have a bridge you can climb, a beach in the middle of the city and is the largest city in Australia by land mass, with 3 separate local city councils. Brisbane is a place where everyone knows everyone or at least they know that friend you use to hang out with in primary school that now lives in Melbourne. For a big city it still feels like a small town with all it’s bogan charm.

I’ve lived in Brisbane almost my whole life and I’m not sure I would live anywhere else. Close to my family and all of my friends (except those who moved to Melbourne) it’s the only place in the world for me.

That brings me to…me. Who am I? What do I like? Where am I going? When will I get there? And how did I get so off topic? Well all these answers can be found in my blog, which if I’m not mistaken you are reading.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy some of the more quirky aspect of my personality.

And thanks for reading.