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My dearest friend

My dearest friend,

For all the times I screamed,

For all the times I cried,

For all my stubborn moments,

For my not so nice side.

For all the angry outbursts,

For spoiling Sherlock Holmes,

For my bad temper,

For ever leaving you alone.

For any terrible advice,

For moments ruined by me,

For ever taking you for granted,

For those times I never let it be.

I give you all my love,

I give you all my heart,

I give my unwavering trust,

And a promise to never part.

I give you my good advice,

I give you my free time,

I give my never ending support,

And a promise to be your partner in crime.

I give you my friendship,

I give you my hopes and dreams,

I give my unfaltering honestly,

And a promise to never be mean.

Yours always.

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The Something In-between

When I can’t sleep at night I stare out my window at the light polluted sky, where no stars can be seen and I imagine you doing the same. We see the world differently but sometimes it’s the difference that is the same. When you touch a nerve that others have never seen and don’t understand, when your passion out weights your sense, when life is about the moments in between the moments -that’s when you find something.

You hurt so good that I wonder if I’m being a masochist when I go back for more, you hurt like I’ve always wanted a good break up to feel like but never want you to leave. Why must I always be numb; to ache and feel, to find you in the mess of it all. Why can’t that be the way things go, why can’t there be something in between.

I love the way we bait and taunt and tease until it hits home, till we can no longer take it. Every part of the way we are is like living in a constant, considered and creative argument that never gets boring. Life is certainly never boring with you but boredom breeds from life and eventually everything gets boring. I seldom feel that there is anything in between.

Sometimes I stare out my window and wonder about all the somethings in between.


Short but sweet

I’m usually one to write about life, love and long lists but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I really want for this blog of mine. When I first started this blog back on Tumblr I wanted to be successful and have lots of opinions about everything but this really isn’t something 1) people wanted to read and 2) got a little boring after a while. Since moving to WordPress I think it’s time for a bit of a change. I added a few pieces from my Tumblr to give a bit of a view of the content that I loved and to add some substance to my page (I can’t stand an empty blog). 

So I’m going to write lots of somethings that are different not just one style but may. I love advice, lists, poetry, stories, reviews and the list goes on. I love to write and write I shall! Even if no one reads it, which should never really be the goal.

Do you have a blog or love writing? Let me know in the comments and I will check it out. 



While browsing the internet I noticed a hefty amount of blogs and vlogs out there dedicated to How to Adult. I love this concept, and to those of us in our mid to late 20’s that are now realising that we have officially become adults we have no idea what this means or how to be an adult. So having this handy source of information, spelled out in language that we understand, is great!

However while watching these videos and reading the posts I noticed one thing. Many stated that taking responsibility is the biggest part of becoming a functioning adult and while I do agree that it is part I’m not so convinced it’s the biggest part. Now I’m no expert on adulthood but my experience of transitioning from young adult to adult the biggest part for me was letting go.

I found myself unable to do or wear or say the things I was so use to, instead I had to be more sensible, more restrained and more conscientious. Staying out till all hours of the night in a tiny dress barely able to cover my ass while wooing at the top of my lungs, was far behind me and when I realised that I was happy with this, almost relieved, I was shocked. Who had I become, my mother? I was going to bed at a reasonable hour, eating healthy, not drinking so much and spending my time enjoying…farmers markets! (Though these days that’s not so shocking…what with the Hipsters and all.)

Like so many people in my age bracket (25-30) I have a lifelong partner, a house with a mortgage and a steady fulltime job. To an extent it is these things that make a person want to grow up and become an adult, you have graduated from that young miscreant to a person someone else relies on. Some of us reach this point in our lives relatively early and others much later but at whatever point in your life you make the realisation that you are now an adult, it’s hard to let go.

Nevertheless here’s a tip for anyone reaching that point, while letting go of those old habits that have no place in your life now, never let go of the kid inside. Be an adult, take responsibility and let go of that misspent youth but keep hold of the inner child. Love the things you’re passionate about! If it’s baking, gaming, comic books or cartoons, building forts or Nerf guns, wrestling, bad action movies or Disney, all these things and many more still count so keep hold of them. Love that inner kid and treat yourself to a little childlike fun.

Because being an adult is hard, there is no denying that, but it sure as hell doesn’t have to be boring!

All my friends are leaving Brisbane

Why do people leave and what happens to the friendship when you no longer have the face to face, everyday contact that you once had? This is the question I now ask myself as one of my best friends prepares to move to the UK. It’s not like I haven’t had friends move before, another one of my best friends moved to Perth a few years ago, what I expected back then it not what I expect now with my other friend. Moving interstate here in Australia is like moving to another country, the sheer distance that is in between us now is like living in England and moving to Eastern Europe, it’s a 6 hour flight to Perth from Brisbane.

When she first moved I thought our friendship would remain the same but I was wrong. She would visit and it would be like a high school reunion, reminiscing over what use to be but neither of us really knowing what was to come. She recently got engaged and to my knowledge I know three things about her fiancé he was in the navy, he likes Mexican food and…ahhh make that 2 things I know. The sad state of affairs is that without the constant face to face contact friendships start to fall apart even those in the same country.

I wanted to write about the other side, the other half of the story, the flip side to every adventure, the ones who were left behind.

I want my friend (for the purpose of this we will call her Princess) to be happy and have the time of her life overseas but while she is off enjoying her adventure I wonder what will happen to our friendship? Of course we will still keep in contact but with the time difference it will make Skype and mobile calls a little difficult, and email sometimes is just not enough. Like I mentioned earlier I have had experience with this before, I feel myself acting differently around Princess and noticing the way I think of her has changed. I sit and think, this isn’t how it happened last time.

Whether it be a conscious decision or a subconscious one I feel myself start to pull away when I make plans I forget to include her, I become colder and more distant when we talk, I can no longer look at her directly but instead focus on others around me even when we are the only two there. I feel our closeness slipping as I make more of an effort to see other friends but I do so not out of spite but out of a kind of primal instinct. My subconscious has taken over that friendship as I begin to separate myself before having to say goodbye, it will hurt less this way I hear my subconscious whisper I will protect you from the disappointment and heartbreak you will feel in the months to come. A shield has erected itself around me.

As I separate myself from Princess I see her doing the same thing, she starts to apologise for always being busy or for not spending enough time together. I invite her to dinners, games and hangouts with others while expecting all along that she will either pull out ahead of time or stay for only a few hours then leave. I think sadly of the times we have had and then remind myself that this was a decision I always knew was going to happen. I remember a time when I was so angry that she could just toss us all aside and leave, I start to think when did that anger change? It is now that I realise the process had begun a long time ago, my subconscious at work all this time preparing me for the heartache by forming new friendships that would get stronger and when the time came that Princess announced that she was moving it was not a shock, I was not sad or angry for being left behind. Instead all I felt was happiness that she was changing something in her life and hope that things would work out for her.

We often forget the impact we have on other people’s lives as friends, that when we make decisions about our own lives we don’t realise that others will be affected also. You should always do what makes you feel happy no matter what others think but that isn’t to say that those others aren’t worth considering.  So while you’re out on your amazing adventure, taking life by the horns think of those you left behind and know that we are having adventures of our own, so don’t forget us traveller.

The Trenches

Not a sound could be heard from the foreign lines not a murmur, not a whisper, not even a pin dropping it was as if there was radio silence. Were they gone, dead or maybe just trying to see what she would do next? Whatever was happening she decided to chance a look over the trenches. Whatever was going on she had to find out and find out soon before things got worse.

There had been a cavalcade of bombs hitting her for God knows how long but with this abrupt cease fire it was eerie how use to the sounds she was. The absence of noise can be far worse than any deafening roar, the fear and anxiety the silence can bring is one that she would not wish upon anybody.

She stuck her head above the trench line peering out into the wasteland that had been created by war. Through the fog she couldn’t see much but there was something different about the nothing she was seeing now to the nothing she usually saw. It was almost like there was no one there at all and not just the usual absence of soldiers on the battlefield that were lurking in their trenches only a few feet away, no this was as if they had disappeared completely the silence told her that. They were gone, vanished as if into thin air one moment there was nothing but screaming the next …silence.

Climbing up and over the rim of the trench she set out for the foreign lines, through mud and blood with the cold biting at every exposed piece of flesh on her face.  Reaching her destination she found it exactly how she had expected it to be empty but not a single thing missing or out of place, just devoid of people. Making a quick survey of the area to validate her theory she slowly descended feet first into enemy territory keeping her back to the wall so to avoid losing sight of her surroundings, you can never be too careful she thought.

Once in there she looked around, making her way through all the tunnels and interconnecting rooms but there was no sign of anyone. She was beginning to think her theory was correct, the abrupt disappearance the radio silence it was all making sense. The war was over. Did we lose? She thought it would feel different than this when it was all over. Instead she felt empty like this trench, nothing missing or out of place but something was gone. She sat at the foot of the wall she had climbed down tilting her head back as she looked up, the fog had cleared to reveal a bright blue sky. She smiled a sad sort of smile, breathing in the musty smell of war she let out a laugh loud and completely foreign to her own ears.

She had stayed like that for what seemed like hours but really had been mere moments, looking back down to the ground something caught her eye. Glimmering in the now shining sun she stood up to get a better look, it was tucked into the wall of the trench, for safety she presumed, and as the light caught it she could see what it was. A silver locket, prying the locket from the slot in the wall it opened and inside was a face she hadn’t seen in a considerable amount of time, her own.

For the first time she questioned what she had been fighting for. A sudden jerk and a sickening guttural sound filled the silence, she woke with a start. Her body had been slumped over the desk; the sound that was there a moment ago was gone. She looked around the room wildly, nothing missing nothing out of place it was exactly how she had last seen it but there was still something gone. She got up from her seat and went to the night-stand; the locket was laying there gleaming in the first rays of the morning sun. Opening it she looked down at the picture of herself, they had lost and all she had left was the locket she had given to the girl she loved. Gone, nothing was missing everything was in its place but it would never be the same again.

She was dead. Cancer had won.


Diversity in Comics

When DC first announced back in 2012 that one of their characters was to be gay I was very curious as to whom they would pick. The announcement then came that it was to be Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, who first debut in 1940, that would be reintroduced as the first gay lead superhero. Now Scott never wore the tight green and black body suit and he had been married twice with children, so I have been wondering why DC decided on this specific Green Lantern to become gay?

Perhaps it was Scott’s kind nature, his open and honest demeanour and his strong leadership skills? Or was it more his innate goodness and charisma? Who knows what it was that convinced DC that their original Green Lantern was the best choice, whatever the reason it was an inspiring decision to make one of their lead superheroes homosexual.

There are people out there that were outraged, and probably still are; by the introduction of a lead gay character but to them I say tough luck. It’s about time diversity had centre stage in something as influential as comic books, everywhere there are girls and boys who are struggling because of their sexuality, but with the new Green Lantern out there they might just be feeling a little better about themselves. Because if a strong, charismatic leader of good could be a Guardian of the Earth then why can’t they?

Even with a supportive group of friends and family some teenagers still find it difficult to admit to themselves that they might be different. High school can be a time of discovery but it can also be a time of pain and ridicule. While these days are far behind me I still feel a prang of regret that I was never fully comfortable with myself, I felt like that I had something to hide. It’s not till much later that I became aware that I was not as straight as I first thought. I found it hard to admit that I was attracted to both men and women, though I have only dated men. I felt stunted by the fact that I believed that what I felt for girls was not me, “I’m not gay” I use to tell myself denying all feelings and pushing them aside.

Although this was only a little over a decade ago so much has changed and the attitudes toward those of us who are different is getting better with each passing day. I have found my soul mate now and he is wonderful and makes me feel safe. It is with him that I have finally felt comfortable enough to say, I like girls as well as guys and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Fear is a powerful thing, it can change the way we feel about ourselves and stop us from becoming who we are, I regret not being able to express myself more when I was young. Had I been able to set aside the fear I might have been able to ask a girl out.

It is with this new Green Lantern that I hope those who were like me, too afraid to see the truth, open their eyes to the fact that what you are is wonderful no matter whom you like or love. Just like the Green Lantern you can fight the evil that is in our world, all the nay-sayers and bigots pushing those who would be different down, telling them that what they feel is wrong and they should be ashamed. To those people I say:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!!!


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